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"We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful;
it's that women are strong." -Laura Stavoe Harm

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I apologize if I missed you

Posted by jazminprice on July 23, 2013 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I want to offer anyone, that has attempted to contact me thru the website, an apology for not hearing back from me. I did not know that the contact forms and requests were not being forwarded to me. I am truly sorry for not being able to respond and know that people we attempting to contact me!

I am correcting the issue and hope this will not happen again in the future!

You asked me what?

Posted by jazminprice on June 8, 2011 at 9:14 AM Comments comments (2)

Well what a busy spring it has been! It seems I have been on the road at least 3 days each week since March and I ( and my van) are tired! Right now we have a nice little lull  until the four moms due in june begin to kick our butts!

I thought I would take this time to add a new post and I might warn you this is tongue in cheek, everything is true but names, dates and locations have been changed to protect the... innocent! Even my name has been changed I am now referenced as "Stupid Midwife"!

So here are some recent questions/statements I have been asked or told... Yup they are all true (and I am sure more seniors would have many more comical questions/statements!)!

  1. My mother/father/ in-law really hates the idea of home birth but I want them at the birth is that OK?
  2. I had a deal withy another midwife but she can't attend me any more, would you honor our deal minus her cut?
  3. I am having headaches, vision disturbances and I am so tired is there a pill for that? Stupid midwife says "what did you eat today?" response "nothing" (it's 3pm)
  4. Are you a Christian? I don't think you are Christian enough...
  5. Are you a Pagan? I don't think you are Pagan enough...
  6. Would you work with this other midwife? I'm paying her and you would then come free!
  7. Can we set up a consultation... Stupid Midewife "Sure" when I arrive... "What questions do you guys have?" response "None!"
  8. Would you do this birth for a goat?
  9. Do you bring any equipment to births?
  10. For the money I am paying you guys could you baby sit my kids?
  11. I told her you would go to her birth and do doula work for free!
  12. I want to be a midwife but it is so hard having a little baby to train, once I have more kids I am sure it will be MUCH easier!
  13. I know this has been a hard (apprecticship path) for you, but could you make it easier for me?
  14. I understand you require ABC and I totally understand because that all applied to me in my previous pregnancies but could you waive ALL those for me?
  15. I know you are on vacation and going out of town/it's a major holiday and your kids birthday but could I call you just incase you are free to come to my birth? And could you do it for free?
  16. Do I have to see you during my pregnancy?
  17. I know XYZ is life saving but I don't want you to do them unless you really need to (sarcastic thought from the Stupid Midwife "So what should I do if you are only kind of needing lifesaving skills?")
  18. It's Saturday 430am and the Stupid Midwife is sleeping... the bat phone rings "Good morning STupid Midwife, I know it's early but you said I could call if I needed to and I can't find what page the birth supplies are listed on in the book you gave me..." Stupid Midwife responds "uhm... you are only 20 weeks preggo why do you need the supply list" Moms response "well I just got worried I wouldn't be able to get everything in time and I know you said it's in here but I can't find it..." SM response "page 7 under the header "birth supply list"" Mom "oh yup I see it now thanks now I feel better"- so glad you do...
  19. I know you said no sugar foods but I didn't know that included table sugar, honey, fruit, soda, maple syrup and candy.
  20. Why should I get rid of this raging yeast infection before the baby is born?
  21. "So when I come to your house could you not have your kids there? they distract you from me and I need this to be all about me"... Stupid Midwife response "but you made your appointment last minute, my little two were sleeping and my big two were watching a movie, this was distracting to you?" mom's response "well I felt like your thoughts were with them not with me..." {BLINK BLINK BLINK}...
  22. I know my BP/pulse hemoglobin/ protein intake/caloric intake etc is high/low but I think you should change your protocols to include variances for me... {SIGH}
  23. I know you drove 3 hours to come to my appointment so I wouldn't have to drive to you, but you are 30 minutes late and I now have to take my kids to skating/swiming/dance/art etc so I can't make our appointment...
  24. Can we do my prenatal at 8pm?
  25. You require me to eat?
  26. I am a doula (and an expecting mother) can I rent your pool to your clients to make some money?
  27. I am a doula (and an expecting mother) can you tell me your dietary recommendations so i can advise my clients?
  28. I know I have had 5 ultrasounds and my OB always uses a doppler but I am REALLY concerned about the ill effects of the sounds waves on unborn babies, can you just use a fetascope? 
  29. "I don't want the cord cut until it stops pulsating" Stupid Midwife responds "OK great that is my protocol" mom's response "Can you tell me why I don't want it cut?"

And the list goes on... so I thought most of these were easy to answer but they aren't! We all are after an ideal birth experience and in conversating with these moms all these questions/statements made sense. Looking back they gave me much to ponder, giggle over and really see the moms I am working for and with.

But I have to wonder how many of these questions would these moms ask an OB? And then how many Ob's would answer them? I don't mind questions, infact I love them! It helps give me a glimpse into the moms I am working with. But sometimes I wonder... Do you know I have only once been asked whether or not I was trained to resusitate a newborn, maybe two familes have asked about my ability to deal with a post partum bleed.

And when  it's my turn to ask questions (after I have been asked everything from my religion to what age I started my menses) I ask what their OB's c-section rate/induction rate and they usually will respond "I didn't think to ask that" {BLINK BLINK BLINK}...

I post this very lightly, all my mom's are important, valid and are worth answering. That doesn't mean they are amusing!

Your Support

Posted by jazminprice on April 26, 2011 at 11:43 AM Comments comments (0)

When you asked me to attend your birth, you asked me to look beyond the legalities... you asked me to put my family on the line so you could have the birth experience you needed with a trained birth professional. You asked me to overlook that I work illegally, to overlook that my children’s mother could face consequences for being there. You asked but didn’t realize the work it would take, the 100+ hours I would invest in your care. You asked but didn’t see that I would be on call during my kid’s birthdays, Christmas and my anniversary. You asked me to attend you but you didn’t know I was planning a vacation when you were due and had to cancel it with my family. You asked me to be your care provider but you didn’t see that I would have to drive sometimes 5 hours to get to you. You asked me but didn’t know I would have to sacrifice my quiet time with my husband. You simply asked if I would attend your birth… and I simply said “Yes”.


And now I ask you to support me… can you come to the capital for two hours and show your support for the midwives that attended you. For the midwives that continue to attend women, who continue to put their family on the line to attend women.


It’s not about money, drugs or even validation. It’s about my legal rights to attend you… can you support the Alabama Midwives?


Please plan on attending a commitee meeting at the capital at 11:30. For more information please visit the Alabama Birth Coalition's website!

Long Overdue...

Posted by jazminprice on March 21, 2011 at 10:41 PM Comments comments (0)

Well blown out of the water is my goal to blog once a week, let alone once a month. So many times I had the beginning of a great post while working at prenatal visits, in the garden or at a birth. Many situations have come up that would have made great fodder for a posting if only I could have rushed to the computer to type it up.


But the reality of 2011 is I have been a bit busy. A good busy. Life has had some great moments, even the terrible dark moments are good as they grow me and expand my soul’s depth. Moms have been having beautiful babies and I have been catching those little ones. It is the most amazing, exhilarating feeling but it comes with stress. I now work a minimum of 40 hours a week as a midwife along with being a stay at home wife and mother and have also begun to be an administrative assistant for a church school, because I have some free time! Some would choose sleep… I say pile it on! It has all come with the lesson of balance!


So what are my thoughts for this post? I ask that you hear my words, and not impart biases, not hear more than there are and realize I come from a place that truly cares for each life I encounter, each souls twined together I am given the honor of attending…

I strive to give the mothers I work with the best of myself. I have

 worked very hard of the past 3.5 years to learn skills, receive training and seek out education that will enhance my abilities but also enhance the safety of the birthing environment. And this process will continue for the rest of my life. The knowledge I learn today I will continue to enhance and research. Those that know me understand my strive and obsession to know that last tidbit of knowledge that may help at the next visit or birth.


Without a doubt I trust birth emphatically or I wouldn’t be doing what I do, but there is a balance… Sometimes SHIT happens and trust isn’t enough, skills, training and experience can be the difference between a great birth and a tragic one.


I believe whole heartedly that birth with a Trained, Educated, and Skilled Midwife is the safest option for the mothers I serve. To understand where I am coming from you must know this: Homebirth with a Trained, Educated, and Skilled Midwife is my GOLD standard.


I do understand that mothers choose a variety of options (hospital birth, planned c-sections, inductions, unassisted birth and birth with a doula attendant) and I do not refute these choices; they are HER’s and HER’s alone. I only stand by the safest option, the option that statistically and reputably has the best outcomes and that is homebirth with Trained, Educated, and Skilled Midwives.

I do understand the reasoning for choosing other options, I try and always meet women (people) where they are at or where they are not at. But this is where I am at. When a mother chooses the other above listed options she increases her risk factors, please hear I am not putting any negativity on that, only speaking what statistically has been shown. I advocate for mothers making a true informed disclosure and consent and feel completely responsible for the outcome of their births.


So where is the hitch? When service providers, retailers of services, promote birthing options that are less than, that benefit them more than the mothers they are selling to. When the risk factor increase is not disclosed THAT is where I have a major issue.


Recently we have seen the results of this. I can’t go into details but tragedy has struck close to home, in our own state, and could have been prevented by a Trained, Educated, Skilled Midwife being present (and in this case a basic Trained, Educated, Skilled Midwife Assistant could have been a huge benefit). The situation breaks my heart but the path was chosen and has to be walked out.


My dream would be that every mom and baby receives the homebirth with a Trained, Educated, Skilled Midwife; reality says that isn’t possible. There are some women who benefit being in a hospital and others who choose to birth alone or attended by a layperson or friends.


So my parting thoughts… think about who you are hiring/ asking to be at your birth. What are your intentions and what are there’s? Are you asking them to go beyond their scope of practice? Are they equipped with Skills, Training, Education and Experience? Be completely informed about the decisions you are making. Rethink any attendant that lacks the above (Skills, Training, Education and Experience) and/or doesn’t disclose the risk factors involved… the answer isn’t “I trust birth”. Trusting birth won’t stop a life threatening hemorrhage, help a baby who has a dystocia or isn’t breathing (to name a few issues that can come up in birth). Evaluate the choices and take responsibility for the decisions.


Posted by jazminprice on January 13, 2011 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (2)

Well my commitment to writing a new post weekly has truly fallen by the wayside! It seems that time, holidays and technical difficulties have gotten in the way repeatedly. Oh, but that is all the spice of life right?


So many times I have said “I will write about…” only to forget the details during the day. Even as I write this current post I hear a baby crying, wanting his mommy, I press on and will continue to type! Maybe typing a bit quieter!


My last few weeks, and those that know me may roll their eyes or click away as they know what I am about to ramble on about, have been filled with working with the chickens in the yard. I have been on an adventure from cheeping little balls of fluff to beautiful strutting birds and now… eggs! My family and I have put much effort into this endeavor! And our reward? Beautiful brown huge eggs!


So why am I posting about this? What is the big deal? Well, get a cup of joe and hear me out!

Not too long ago we decided to clean up our act in the nutrition department. I suppose I could have just bought granola and yogurt and called it good, but once again those that know me, understand that would not have done the job… SO I went (and continue) to embark on crazy schemes and have odd pots full of interesting “stuff” that I try out on the family along with glorious plans to “homestead” our huge 1/5 acre “Farm”!


We became very curious about where our food came from and how it got from point A to our dinner table. Brief warning here his journey is not for the faint of heart. My kids now ask “Is that hot dog mechanically separated?” and went in to full detail with their grandparents on the horrors of mechanically separated meats. Eventually this led us to chickens and eggs…The house was full of chicken talk, eggs, pullets and chicks! Luckily it was just in time for the good old neighborhood Tractor Supply to begin getting in shipments of chicks… see, the universe was telling me something. Jason (my husband) swears it was just great marketing… humph. And soon we came home with a box (okay several boxes) of beautiful prize winning (in our eyes) biddies… biddys? Chicks and yes they lived in our house and had round the clock care, including traveling with us.


We read many articles, websites, chatted with farmers and got together this awesome plan on how to make a fortune in eggs… well at least have some great scrambled eggs out of this deal all antibiotic, hormone-free, free range and organic! Needless to say, when I presented my well thought out plans to more experienced chicken “ranchers” (?) There were several chuckles and I am not sure, but I think they were at my expense.


Nonetheless, my chicks were babied, loved, coddled and cared for. I carefully planned each step and tried to prepare as best I could. I discovered much along the way! We braved chicken hawks and snakes, dogs, heat and cold. Many of my ideas worked, such as placing a heating pad under the waterer to keep it from freezing, and having the kids spend countless hours desensitizing them. My huge rooster daily comes looking for is rubs and treats! Of course some did not work so well, my lab pup loves the birds too much and has proven that twice, the small rooster obviously wasn’t loved enough when he was a chick because he has issues and sadly they will be resolved in the soup pot this weekend.


All our adventures were great fun with the family, but the cold weather seemed to zap all the fun out of it. Kids were schlepping scrap bucket after bucket to the coop, petting, clucking and loving the chickens but where were the golden eggs mommy promised. I finally had to break the news to the kids, while the flock was certainly old enough, the winter would probably prevent us from getting our first eggs until spring. I got the saddest looks, moaning and groaning some even suggested chicken soup and becoming ovo-vegans… after much encouraging the schlepping continued.


And not a week after the sad news my oldest came running from the coop yelling “get a basket, get a basket”. There were eggs! And thousands from the sound of it! There were actually only two but the numbers has since increased, averaging a dozen a day. Currently, we have eggs out our ears! And those naysayers are amazed at my beautiful eggs. They remark how the hens shouldn’t be laying this many in winter and how pretty and huge the eggs are! And I must admit every morning I go to the coop and expect the boxes to be empty, it is winter after all, and yet there they are beautiful brown eggs. I thank my beautiful hens and cluck as I throw then treats!


I am already preparing for more little balls of fluff this spring, if you have ever owned a chicken you can understand we have truly fallen for these clucking beauties! While we are not totally organic and still working on the methods of our madness I declare success!




Oddly enough this journey began about nine months ago. I set out to do something that is very common (or at least used to be) in this neck of the woods. But I set out to do it differently. I got many sideways looks, comments and even flat our insistings that my way “just wouldn’t work”. But we did it anyway, took responsibility for what we wanted, what we desired and followed that journey. Isn’t that what we do in the birthing world? We have to find our own way; we have to go against the flow, against the naysayers?


I have discovered that episodes and journeys in our life mirror our soul’s journey. So while some may say “they are just chickens” I see them as a method life has used to teach me some very important lessons. The journey is just as much about creating and defining your experiences along the way as it is about arriving at your destination.

Ripples on the pond

Posted by jazminprice on December 6, 2010 at 5:24 PM Comments comments (0)

The year is coming to a close and I know for many of us thishas been a busy year. It seems to have flown by in a whirlwind and at times Ifelt as if I was holding on to the tornado’s tail just trying to not lose mygrip. There were other times though… that I felt as if I was at the exact rightplace and the exact right time and I was able to watch pieces fall where theyfit.

One such fit is coming to work in my own community. Italmost seems foreign to me to be working in the southern part of the state. Attimes I feel I know Birmingham better than Dothan and Montgomery… This year Iresolve to become more involved in my local communities. I want to touch thelives of women living beside me…

I reflect on Gandhi and ask myself “am I being part of thesolution?” Am I living with a sense of community, my ripples touch your ripplesor am I isolated pretending I am in a pond by myself?

I am on the journey to find more ways to touch lives… moreways to help mothers and women… I will keep in my forethought my connections tothe women of the past; the roots that hold me to the Earth. I will dream of my connections to the women of the future; they pull my branches to touch thestars. And I will embrace my connections to the women around me; they shade me and nourish me.


Wondering about Wonderland!

Posted by jazminprice on November 18, 2010 at 11:34 AM Comments comments (2)

Good morning, So as I made the long drive to my appointments yesterday I had much time to ponder. And these were my thoughts…


Recently my kids and I have watched the new movie Alice in Wonderland, we love it. Basic (topical) story is: a young girl, being forced into a box, forced to let go of the wonder, finds herself in a “wonderland” filled with crazy characters, faced with a the thought that she isn’t the right person, the right Alice, on a mission she doesn’t think she is meant to complete, caught between two women on opposite ends of the spectrum… and in the end she must slay the jabberwocky…


It struck me how this fits most of the women, including myself, I work with. When we enter the season of pregnancy and childbirth our society forces us in to a medical minded box of care. They tell us who we should see, how we should feel, what we should do and what we can do. Those of us wanting something different are viewed as being “mad hatters” who have long lost our minds.


Along our journey we are faced with the thoughts of “Who am I? Am I the person in the box or the jabberwocky slayer? Could I be both, who do I want to be?” Along the way people try and pull us to one side of the spectrum or another. Natural vs. medicated, assisted vs. unassisted, home vs. hospital… It would be safe to say we meet many “mad” characters along the way!


The journey helps us find our true selves…


As we get closer and closer to birth we wonder if we were meant for this battle, can we be victorious, with the world around us telling saying “We can’t, we’re defective, we’re crazy” it’s no wonder our self faith wavers. It is a wonder that we pick up our swords and enter the battle at all.


Birth and our fears are the jabberwockies of life. We enter the arena with an unknowing of what is coming our way.


The most beautiful sight to me is watching a laboring woman pick up her sword and shield; face the unknown and find their inner Alice.


Birthing women climb the tower and conquer their beasts. They find themselves along their journey and seal that persona during birth. They are no longer the lost little girls running from the box but have redefined who they are. Birth is not just the birth of a baby but also birth of a strong, courageous, victorious mother!


I have to wonder on a person note, what are my jabberwockies? What am I doing to face them, to slay them?


As you can see I had a few minutes to chase a rabbit down a hole! I could go on with more of my wonderland thoughts but I end It here, and let you follow your own white rabbits!

Around the World and Back Again!

Posted by jazminprice on October 25, 2010 at 11:21 PM Comments comments (0)

Well it seems that is the last two weeks I have been home a total of three days! And in the next two weeks will embark on another journey!


The MANA conference was full of information, new connections and great memories! I made two great friends, one a DEM (about to turn the corner on her CPM) from Minnesota, and the other an awesome CM from New York! Both gave me a different perspective of birth. I think at times I learned more from them than the classes we attended!


My first day was a full day of Breech techniques. We were able to get hands on experience with a life size silicon replica that actually birthed babies. It was the most amazing experience of the trip. I was able to manipulate and help the baby to find its way! Nothing compares to hands on learning! By the end of 9 hours of breech training I was a bit burned out and am still processing all of the information that was there!


My second day was filled with guest speakers (some of whom are truly my new idols!) but I think the personal highlight was eating breakfast sitting next to ANNE FRYE! Holy cow I had to hold it all in! Management of PPH was not what I was expecting but I did learn a new technique that I hope to NEVER use! The suturing basics with Ina May Gaskin was wonderful and very eye opening!

My third day was coping with grief and loss and how past traumas effect a woman’s decision to homebirth. I thought this would be my least favorite day but these classes were truly amazing and touched me more than I expected!


My last day was full of endless speakers, some funny, some a bit dry but at the end an amazing experience!


At times I felt very “on my game” and confident, other times my shyness took over and I just wanted to be back home in my comfort zone!


To say it was a humbling experience does not do it justice. To stand next to Ina May Gaskin, Carol Leonard and Jenny Joseph will humble you. But to also acknowledge that the midwives I have learned from are just as awesome, just as amazing will ground you. So while I was so excited to bump into Carol Leonard in the restroom I reflected back on the women whom I share covers with at births, the women whom I split the last cracker with and the women whom I talk with at all hours that are not only teaching me to be a midwife but have taught me so much about life…

New Beginnings

Posted by jazminprice on October 11, 2010 at 5:07 PM Comments comments (0)

Well it is official the website is live. It wasn’t supposed to be online until the beginning of next year and I am still unsure how it all happened but I know it is for a reason.


I have been trying to ponder what to post for my very first blog entry (not just on this site but total!). And I think I will just welcome “New Beginnings”! I am hoping this will be a resource for women in my community, I hope it will find those that need it!


As the weather is cooling and the leaves are falling it is easy to look at the calendar and get caught up in the dates filling up and the “I have to’s” swirling around. I am trying to make a conscious effort to breathe in each moment to feel it and be in it. Instead of seeing colors whirling by I want to see the dancing golds, enchanting yellows and beautiful blues! I am going to try and gaze at the moon and count the stars, watch my kids sleep and listen to the earth spin! Join me!