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Posted by jazminprice on March 21, 2011 at 10:41 PM

Well blown out of the water is my goal to blog once a week, let alone once a month. So many times I had the beginning of a great post while working at prenatal visits, in the garden or at a birth. Many situations have come up that would have made great fodder for a posting if only I could have rushed to the computer to type it up.


But the reality of 2011 is I have been a bit busy. A good busy. Life has had some great moments, even the terrible dark moments are good as they grow me and expand my soul’s depth. Moms have been having beautiful babies and I have been catching those little ones. It is the most amazing, exhilarating feeling but it comes with stress. I now work a minimum of 40 hours a week as a midwife along with being a stay at home wife and mother and have also begun to be an administrative assistant for a church school, because I have some free time! Some would choose sleep… I say pile it on! It has all come with the lesson of balance!


So what are my thoughts for this post? I ask that you hear my words, and not impart biases, not hear more than there are and realize I come from a place that truly cares for each life I encounter, each souls twined together I am given the honor of attending…

I strive to give the mothers I work with the best of myself. I have

 worked very hard of the past 3.5 years to learn skills, receive training and seek out education that will enhance my abilities but also enhance the safety of the birthing environment. And this process will continue for the rest of my life. The knowledge I learn today I will continue to enhance and research. Those that know me understand my strive and obsession to know that last tidbit of knowledge that may help at the next visit or birth.


Without a doubt I trust birth emphatically or I wouldn’t be doing what I do, but there is a balance… Sometimes SHIT happens and trust isn’t enough, skills, training and experience can be the difference between a great birth and a tragic one.


I believe whole heartedly that birth with a Trained, Educated, and Skilled Midwife is the safest option for the mothers I serve. To understand where I am coming from you must know this: Homebirth with a Trained, Educated, and Skilled Midwife is my GOLD standard.


I do understand that mothers choose a variety of options (hospital birth, planned c-sections, inductions, unassisted birth and birth with a doula attendant) and I do not refute these choices; they are HER’s and HER’s alone. I only stand by the safest option, the option that statistically and reputably has the best outcomes and that is homebirth with Trained, Educated, and Skilled Midwives.

I do understand the reasoning for choosing other options, I try and always meet women (people) where they are at or where they are not at. But this is where I am at. When a mother chooses the other above listed options she increases her risk factors, please hear I am not putting any negativity on that, only speaking what statistically has been shown. I advocate for mothers making a true informed disclosure and consent and feel completely responsible for the outcome of their births.


So where is the hitch? When service providers, retailers of services, promote birthing options that are less than, that benefit them more than the mothers they are selling to. When the risk factor increase is not disclosed THAT is where I have a major issue.


Recently we have seen the results of this. I can’t go into details but tragedy has struck close to home, in our own state, and could have been prevented by a Trained, Educated, Skilled Midwife being present (and in this case a basic Trained, Educated, Skilled Midwife Assistant could have been a huge benefit). The situation breaks my heart but the path was chosen and has to be walked out.


My dream would be that every mom and baby receives the homebirth with a Trained, Educated, Skilled Midwife; reality says that isn’t possible. There are some women who benefit being in a hospital and others who choose to birth alone or attended by a layperson or friends.


So my parting thoughts… think about who you are hiring/ asking to be at your birth. What are your intentions and what are there’s? Are you asking them to go beyond their scope of practice? Are they equipped with Skills, Training, Education and Experience? Be completely informed about the decisions you are making. Rethink any attendant that lacks the above (Skills, Training, Education and Experience) and/or doesn’t disclose the risk factors involved… the answer isn’t “I trust birth”. Trusting birth won’t stop a life threatening hemorrhage, help a baby who has a dystocia or isn’t breathing (to name a few issues that can come up in birth). Evaluate the choices and take responsibility for the decisions.

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