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it's that women are strong." -Laura Stavoe Harm

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Posted by jazminprice on April 26, 2011 at 11:43 AM

When you asked me to attend your birth, you asked me to look beyond the legalities... you asked me to put my family on the line so you could have the birth experience you needed with a trained birth professional. You asked me to overlook that I work illegally, to overlook that my children’s mother could face consequences for being there. You asked but didn’t realize the work it would take, the 100+ hours I would invest in your care. You asked but didn’t see that I would be on call during my kid’s birthdays, Christmas and my anniversary. You asked me to attend you but you didn’t know I was planning a vacation when you were due and had to cancel it with my family. You asked me to be your care provider but you didn’t see that I would have to drive sometimes 5 hours to get to you. You asked me but didn’t know I would have to sacrifice my quiet time with my husband. You simply asked if I would attend your birth… and I simply said “Yes”.


And now I ask you to support me… can you come to the capital for two hours and show your support for the midwives that attended you. For the midwives that continue to attend women, who continue to put their family on the line to attend women.


It’s not about money, drugs or even validation. It’s about my legal rights to attend you… can you support the Alabama Midwives?


Please plan on attending a commitee meeting at the capital at 11:30. For more information please visit the Alabama Birth Coalition's website!

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