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Around the World and Back Again!

Posted by jazminprice on October 25, 2010 at 11:21 PM

Well it seems that is the last two weeks I have been home a total of three days! And in the next two weeks will embark on another journey!


The MANA conference was full of information, new connections and great memories! I made two great friends, one a DEM (about to turn the corner on her CPM) from Minnesota, and the other an awesome CM from New York! Both gave me a different perspective of birth. I think at times I learned more from them than the classes we attended!


My first day was a full day of Breech techniques. We were able to get hands on experience with a life size silicon replica that actually birthed babies. It was the most amazing experience of the trip. I was able to manipulate and help the baby to find its way! Nothing compares to hands on learning! By the end of 9 hours of breech training I was a bit burned out and am still processing all of the information that was there!


My second day was filled with guest speakers (some of whom are truly my new idols!) but I think the personal highlight was eating breakfast sitting next to ANNE FRYE! Holy cow I had to hold it all in! Management of PPH was not what I was expecting but I did learn a new technique that I hope to NEVER use! The suturing basics with Ina May Gaskin was wonderful and very eye opening!

My third day was coping with grief and loss and how past traumas effect a woman’s decision to homebirth. I thought this would be my least favorite day but these classes were truly amazing and touched me more than I expected!


My last day was full of endless speakers, some funny, some a bit dry but at the end an amazing experience!


At times I felt very “on my game” and confident, other times my shyness took over and I just wanted to be back home in my comfort zone!


To say it was a humbling experience does not do it justice. To stand next to Ina May Gaskin, Carol Leonard and Jenny Joseph will humble you. But to also acknowledge that the midwives I have learned from are just as awesome, just as amazing will ground you. So while I was so excited to bump into Carol Leonard in the restroom I reflected back on the women whom I share covers with at births, the women whom I split the last cracker with and the women whom I talk with at all hours that are not only teaching me to be a midwife but have taught me so much about life…

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