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Wondering about Wonderland!

Posted by jazminprice on November 18, 2010 at 11:34 AM

Good morning, So as I made the long drive to my appointments yesterday I had much time to ponder. And these were my thoughts…


Recently my kids and I have watched the new movie Alice in Wonderland, we love it. Basic (topical) story is: a young girl, being forced into a box, forced to let go of the wonder, finds herself in a “wonderland” filled with crazy characters, faced with a the thought that she isn’t the right person, the right Alice, on a mission she doesn’t think she is meant to complete, caught between two women on opposite ends of the spectrum… and in the end she must slay the jabberwocky…


It struck me how this fits most of the women, including myself, I work with. When we enter the season of pregnancy and childbirth our society forces us in to a medical minded box of care. They tell us who we should see, how we should feel, what we should do and what we can do. Those of us wanting something different are viewed as being “mad hatters” who have long lost our minds.


Along our journey we are faced with the thoughts of “Who am I? Am I the person in the box or the jabberwocky slayer? Could I be both, who do I want to be?” Along the way people try and pull us to one side of the spectrum or another. Natural vs. medicated, assisted vs. unassisted, home vs. hospital… It would be safe to say we meet many “mad” characters along the way!


The journey helps us find our true selves…


As we get closer and closer to birth we wonder if we were meant for this battle, can we be victorious, with the world around us telling saying “We can’t, we’re defective, we’re crazy” it’s no wonder our self faith wavers. It is a wonder that we pick up our swords and enter the battle at all.


Birth and our fears are the jabberwockies of life. We enter the arena with an unknowing of what is coming our way.


The most beautiful sight to me is watching a laboring woman pick up her sword and shield; face the unknown and find their inner Alice.


Birthing women climb the tower and conquer their beasts. They find themselves along their journey and seal that persona during birth. They are no longer the lost little girls running from the box but have redefined who they are. Birth is not just the birth of a baby but also birth of a strong, courageous, victorious mother!


I have to wonder on a person note, what are my jabberwockies? What am I doing to face them, to slay them?


As you can see I had a few minutes to chase a rabbit down a hole! I could go on with more of my wonderland thoughts but I end It here, and let you follow your own white rabbits!

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Reply Lee Ann Murray
1:35 PM on November 30, 2010 
LOVE this post :) The best blog post that I've read in a long while!
Reply jazminprice
10:53 AM on December 1, 2010 
Thank you Lee Ann, Blogging is a new adventure for me, I am glad you enjoyed it!